Hidden Figures – The, eh, “hidden figures” of the 2016 Oscars

Hidden Figures is the best movie of 2016 that won’t win any Oscars because it has black women in the leading roles.

And that sucks because it deserves something. Even if Hidden Figures isn’t the Best Picture of 2016, it’s the movie that 2016 needed the most.

Does that make sense? Sounds like some Dark Knight shit but I can assure you that it’s not. Going into four years where Hidden Figures may become a reality again (except with less 60’s aesthetic) necessitates a film that is as blunt and no-nonsense with its message as Hidden Figures.

And now is where I bash the bad parts of this movie, which I am loathe to do in case alt-righters come here and take random parts of my review out of context. DISCLAIMER: I love this movie. To anyone reading this review, if you see some Milo Yogurtopolis tweet about how NCB hates this movie using one of the pretentious quotes below, let me know and I will come down on that bitch.

Hidden Figures‘s biggest detriment is its writing problems. I understand the argument of the white savior character’s presence in this movie, but at the same time I feel that it is somewhat realistic. Yes, it is white men who ultimately give the black women their permission to do things, but it was the black womens’ guff and strength that convinced the white men that they were worth something. Furthermore, there are enough scenes of white dudes being assholes to counterbalance this.

More notable is that none of the three main characters, Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary, get enough time for themselves. The film struggles to properly give each woman the attention she deserves. The romantic arc is also kind of unnecessary and its presence reeks of patriarchy. There is one particularly awkward cut that threw me off, where the three ladies are preparing for Katherine’s wedding and it immediately cuts to the NASA mission control room and someone goes running to fetch her. This cut gave me the impression that this white man was going to burst into a black church during a wedding and I was on the edge of my seat for the movie moment I never new I wanted but suddenly needed.

This is a good segue into the best part of the film, though: The scenes where Henson, Spencer, and Monáe get to just play off of each other. These three have some of the best screen chemistry I’ve ever seen and they absolutely make this movie.

Also this movie’s aesthetic is fucking on point.

Final Recommendation: Yes. It’s 2017 and diversity in filmmaking is what America needs more than ever. I don’t care if La La Land is the best movie of the year, it’s just white people doing shallow white people things and you can see that literally anywhere. Watch Hidden Figures.



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