Hello friends.

I’m Hans, a Nerdy Chinese Boy.


I’m a Film major studying in Atlanta. When I’m not busy being a poor college student, I also write, direct, act, draw, and do generally nerdy things. First and foremost, I consider myself a storyteller. I love stories, whether they’re funny, sad, profound, or just plain weird. On the side, I’m a founding member of and work as an artist for Toybox Monolith, an editor for Lighter Flip Studio, and a member of the hitRECord community. With this blog, I’m trying to create a central point where I can begin to collect and curate all my stories.

My current projects include:
ALL’S FAIR: a webcomic about love and war
-The NerdyChineseBacklog: A gaming show about slogging through old games

Share your stories! Leave a comment! Feedback is always appreciated, because it helps me improve the content I create.

Enjoy your stay,


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