Manchester By The Sea – Casey Affleck is my Spirit Animal

I guess now that I’m writing reviews again I have to watch an indie movie too, huh? This one came highly recommended by my buddy Brandon over at Third Rail, so I went to see it and it made me cry.

This movie has a complicated relationship with emotions, and that’s really cool, because so does everybody in the world. On a surface level, this film is classical pretentious indie. That’s fine, because let’s be honest, that’s what this movie is. It’s a moody, atmospheric experience with nonlinear moments that are framed without any pomp or circumstance to deliberately confuse people who aren’t paying 100% attention. Yes, there are dead family members and dead children and the film goes out of its way to be depressing.

But behind all the pretension, there is a very heartfelt emotional core behind this movie. It’s the story of a man who doesn’t quite know how to cope with grief, and this struggle is compounded by the fact that now the world has all these demands of him in the wake of the tragedy that’s hit him.

This movie will make you cry and you won’t even know why, and it’s really good. Go watch it.

(This review is kind of crappy because I still cry a little when I think about it)