NCBlog Semi-Weekly Update: 10/14/16

Whew! Hello everyone! Sorry for dropping off the map there. I’ve been pretty busy with work and editing this HBO movie, but right now I’m sitting in the Rich building waiting to get some paperwork signed off so I figured I’d post an update.

New Comics: (since last time)
All’s Fair:

New Videos: (since last time)
Fallout 4:

We’ve all been really busy with no time to record anything for a while. The plan is once I get a break I’m gonna move all the Backlog and gaming videos over to a separate channel and keep the main one for short films and silly videos and such.

IN THE MEANTIME if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, here’s what I do at work:


NCBlog Weekly Update: 9/17/16

Shooting today! Wish me luck.

New Videos:

From the looks of things, next week will be a blank week, unless I can finish another page of All’s Fair. I’ll try and share this short film with you guys once I’m done, but I’m also not sure what the distribution properties are since we’re working on it for a competition so maybe you’ll get a look-see IF WE WIN


NCBlog Weekly Update: 8/25/16

The semester is officially underway. My first day of classes was a nightmare of realizing I’d signed up for the wrong class and running around campus looking for something to fill that time slot.

New Videos
So we’re all going a little insane with the amount of stuff we have to do. We’ve put off recording more videos for the time being until we can get a solid grasp on how, and if, to keep doing them.

After 2 years of doing this I think it’d be a real shame to stop now, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


NCBlog Weekly Update: 8/11/16

I don’t know about my roommates but I’m all moved in. I also started my new job today so that’s why I’m so late on this.

New Comics:
All’s Fair

New Videos:
More FEZ and Fallout 4

I’m planning on moving video game videos to a separate channel soon, but that will probably be a real ordeal. This will probably take place around the same time that I install my old PC’s hard drive into my current PC, with Albert’s help.